We are a flexible Mexican Company which integrates technology and a professional human multidisciplinary team to offer solutions to each and every one of our customers, taking into account their needs and the types of procedures; supported by our ISO-9001 2008 and ISO / TS-16949 2009 Quality Management System, as well as our experience in the private and public sectors, which always lead us to transform ideas in successful products

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Our Specialty
Designing and manufacturing custom disposable surgical packages or bundles. We meet our customers requirements dynamically and team-working making up packages which meet the needs of every institution or surgical procedure reducing costs and avoiding material wasting.

Safety by using disposable products

Sterile products use with an extended guarantee

Reduction of surgical infections

Time optimizing (surgical and in between surgeries)

Diminishing of activities within the sterilization unit, which eliminates: Separating, folding, integration, sterilization, etc.

Cost reduction

Packages designed for different procedures (customized)

Waste disposal

Optimal inventory management

Reduction or elimination of sterilization production spends Maintenance of autoclaves, laundry, electricity, etc.

Radiation processes on our products are made by a specializedcompany with an ISO-9001 certification which allows us to offer a sterility guarantee, as long as the material is preserved in appropriate conditions of storage and within unopened containers.

*Ethylene Oxide